Children's Theatre Company

Building Character on Stage!
Theatre as a tool for social action and change. Begins October 2019 – February 2020

Nature Connection Club

Participants will cultivate their inner naturalist through creative workshops and experiences in nature.

Yoga And Mindfulness

Creating a safe space for students to reclaim mindfulness, awareness, love and kindness towards self and others. 

Classes and EVENTS

The Children’s Theatre Company of Peekskill (CTC)

[Ages 8 – 18]

CTC is dedicated to “Building Character on Stage.”  Though drama, dance and music, CTC uses theatre as a tool to ignite social change and foster in young people the conviction that they can be a voice for positive change.  

October 5, 2019 –
Feb 8, 2020

Yoga & Mindfulness with Karen

[For Ages 13-17]

NAMASTE! Yoga has been known to bring brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. Participants will learn effective yogic tools to handle daily stressors that face young people and ways to regulate and mange their emotions, while becoming mindful and kind to themselves and others.

Every other Friday
Begins November 8

Nature Connection Club

[Ages 12 – 15]

Participants gain a greater understanding of themselves and their connection to nature, explore their environment, and learn about sustainable living practices, and engage in social action that will affect climate change. 
Youth Mentors Needed*

Starts November 12
Every Tuesday 4-6pm

Fall Photography Workshop With Ocean Morisset

[For Ages 13+]

No experience required!
If you’re looking to be INSPIRED, LEARN new skills, have FUN with Photography, MEET other youth passionate about photography, this workshop is for YOU!

October 19, 26

Youth Social Justice Club

[Ages 14 – 25]

This club is open to youth who envision a more just tomorrow for everyone. This is a year-round program that includes monthly meet-ups to learn about the history of our nation and how race has impacted all areas of their lives.

October 2019 – June 2020
Meeting Dates (TBD)

Girl’s Junior Youth Leadership Club

 [Ages 13 – 15]

This program helps youth form a strong moral identity and empowers them to contribute to the well-being of themselves, their communities and the world at large. Includes, arts & crafts, outings and volunteering.
Youth Mentors Needed*

First Friday of November

Nature Connection Summer Camp

[Middle school students, Age 11 – 14]

Campers will cultivate their inner naturalist through creative nature art and science projects, stories, games, and hiking and swimming as well as a weekly field trip to visit a farm in Garrison.

Mon – Fri
July 1-19 & July 22-Aug 9

Cooking Around The World

 [Age 8 – 12]

During each day of camp, your child will explore a specific region and cuisine and we will explore the culture and geography as well.

Tue, Wed and Thu
August 20-22

Historical Gaming – The legendary Siege of Meaux. [Ages 12 – 16]

History Reborn is an event run by The Flame of the Dragon Miniature Wargaming Society. The event will consist of painting soldiers then engaging in strategic combat using the newly created soldiers, and thinking critically about war and peaceful alternative.

Thursday and Friday
June 27 -June 28

Multi Media Workshop (Draw, Paint and Sculpt)

[For ages 8-11]

This class includes drawing, painting, clay, and sculpture work as well as incorporating their favorite skills into a final group project.

May 19  - June 23
Sunday 1 - 3 pm

Girl Rising Leadership and Empowerment

[Ages 12 – 15]

The program helps youth form a strong moral identity and empowers them to contribute to the well-being of themselves, their communities and the world at large.

Sept 2018 -June 2019

My Brother’s Keeper Leadership and Empowerment

[Ages 12 – 14 & 15 – 17]

The program helps young men form a strong moral identity and empowers them to re-write their narrative and take an active role in their own development, while contributing to the community at large.

Wednesday & Sunday
Sept 2018 -June 2019
Wed 3:00 pm – PKMS
Sun 4:00 pm – NECS