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Filmmaking Workshop [CLOSED]

Welcome to our Film Production class! Students will learn how to conceptualize, shoot and edit a video project as they hit two original projects. Students will learn pre-production planning–scripting, storyboarding to production–directing skills, shooting, interviewing, crew protocols to post-production–editing on Adobe Premiere, doing an audio mix, and screening their work to an audience.

Through hands-on workshops, screenings, and field experience, this course gives students a solid introduction to storytelling using digital video equipment and all production phases. Students will acquire real-world technical skills collaborating on a film crew and will be able to continue to develop their craft to have an internship or create their own stories and get them seen in the world.

Students who complete this course will be invited to continue to a more advanced level of filmmaking in the Winter and Spring of 2023.

  • Appropriate for: 7th to 12th Grade
  • Dates: Jan 9 - Mar 13, 2023 (Mondays and Wednesdays - 16 sessions)


Mar 27 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


$60 - $240


08th Grade,
09th Grade,
10th Grade,
11th Grade,
12th Grade


New Era Creative Space
105 South Division St, 3rd Floor, Peekskill, NY 10566


  • Betty Bastidas
    Betty Bastidas
    Filmmaking Instructor

    Betty Bastidas is an Ecuadorian American filmmaker, photographer and media educator. Originally from Ecuador, came to the US at the age of nine. She uses filmmaking and photography as social tools to celebrate the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

    Most recently, she completed her first international soccer feature, Dreamtown, following the precarious dream of a young Afro-Ecuadorian soccer player, Anibal Chala, as he strives to make it to the professional leagues, and over the span of six years sees his dreams become reality. Other credits include a commissioned short film for ITVS Latino Graduates called Can’t Hold Me Back, following Fernando, a Latino youth from Detroit as he becomes the first in his family to earn a high school diploma. This story aired on PBS Independent Lens in 2013 and was selected to be part of the PBS Online Film Festival. She also co-directed New American Girls for Latino Public Broadcasting, featuring three Dreamers, young undocumented Americans. She is the co-founder of a multicultural production company called Sunrise Media Cooperative focusing on stories of injustice and inspiration for underrepresented communities in the US and abroad. She has been teaching film for the past 8 years at Crotona International High School, Parsons Scholars Program, Temple University and as a teaching artist for organizations such Young Audiences and Tribeca Films Institute. Her work has garnered numerous awards, including NALAC Fund for the Arts, NALIP/HBO Film Grant, Post-production grant from the CNCINE Ecuador, New York Women in Film & Television In-kind grant, NYFA Photography Fellowship, and Brooklyn Council of the Arts Community Grant. She is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and is based in NY.