October 3, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
$120 for 8 weeks
Arianna Hurtado
(914) 930-1777

The program provides a complete body workout while giving individuals the freedom to express themselves to the powerful beat of live drumming. Each step is broken down so all students, including those who have never danced before can learn while having fun. Classes are conducted in a supportive and welcome environment with the goal of helping students build confidence around their body movements and the lively traditional dance rhythms. A typical dance class includes:
– A warm up: designed to stretch while focusing on breathing to release stress and prepare the body to move easily.
– A breakdown of steps: Learning simple and basic steps that relate to daily life activities to help getting familiar with the dance style.
– Upbeat execution of dance moves: Choreographing dance steps learned at a higher speed with African rhythm
Solo improvisation: Experiencing the exciting feeling of dancing freely to the powerful beat of African music



Cost: $15 a session = $120 and $20 drop ins

Scholarships available for Peekskill Families. 

Instructor: Gladys Lowe

Gladys Lowe is originary from Cameroon, West Africa, where she discovered her passion for traditional dance. African dance is rooted in her upbringing as a celebratory fashion. She trained in her native country and in Ivory Coast where she had the opportunity to learn various rhythms and local dances. She participated in numerous national and local dance festivals.  African dance is a symbol of her traditional heritage that she enjoys sharing with audiences of all ages. Her teaching technique includes a brief context of the dance rhythm followed by a series of steps inspired from celebratory West African dances. Some of her recent experience in New York City involved teaching at Djoniba Dance Center in New York City, Westchester Dance Artists, the Bethany Art Center, Ossining Sing Sing Kill Brewery as well as private lessons.