October 13, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Arianna Hurtado
(914) 930-1777

Nature connection engages participants in nature-centered activities designed to foster the well-being of participants and their communities, and encourage an understanding and respect for the interconnectedness of all living things. 3rd and 4th Grade students will engage in a 6 week gardening project with Laura Perkins. They will discover the garden and explore questions like: Who is growing there? Who pollinates the plants? Who eats the plants that are growing?  What is the soil like? Students will also get the opportunity to walk a couple of trails and help mark them.  They will discuss why it is important to stay on trails, do tree identification, observe where they are growing, identify patterns in the plants that grow together, investigate rotting logs and more. Educational concepts include ecological mutualistic relationships and soil biology.

Environmental Educator: Laura Perkins

Nature Connection (Elementary School)

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Laura Perkins, Ecological Landscaper/Gardener/Horticulturist/Outdoor education instructor.
Laura’s love for the earth began with her days on her father’s farm.  She has been working outdoors and as a gardener ever since, drawn to that intimate connection with the earth she experienced as a child. She loves sharing her passion for nature with others, and works to generate appreciation for the earth and opportunities to reciprocate.  She has worked Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture for 16 years where she cultivates the landscape and gardens for beauty and to encourage ecological abundance and diversity.   In Peekskill, she volunteers with the Peekskill Parks leading groups in service activities, the community gardens at the schools, engaging in gardening activities with students and community members, and with New Era Creative Space, where she shares the wonder of nature with young people.