Community Choir (Youth & Young Adults)

Trusting one’s own voice to sing out loud, understanding the power of words through song, encouraging expressing oneself with words from the soul. Understanding teamwork.

Empower ED: Boys Club (Grades 9 – 12)

We will provide a safe space for young men to come together and learn about issues of concern to boys through social interaction, topic discussions, field trips, and fitness at the Be First Boxing Gym.

Filmmaking Workshop – Intermediate (FULLY BOOKED)

100cameras x New Era Creative Space Photography Workshop - New Era Creative Space Program

Students will learn how to conceptualize, shoot and edit a video project as they shoot two original projects and pre-production planning–scripting, storyboarding to production–directing skills, shooting, interviewing, crew protocols to post-production–editing on Adobe Premiere, etc.

Youth Theater Ensemble (FULLY BOOKED)

Program dedicated to inspire children and youth to become social agents by engaging with the magic of theatre. We maintain a commitment to develop in each child a keen sense of moral leadership alongside their artistic achievements.

West African Dance Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of West African Dance with live drumming. This is an excellent opportunity for community members to gather, dance, and get to know one another. Great exercise too!

EmpowerED: Young Women’s Club w/ Relation-Shift

EmpowerED supports high-school-aged young women in developing the knowledge, skills, and capacities to develop strong and healthy identities; to engage in healthy interpersonal relationships; and to be champions of their own and others’ equality, respect, and safety as leaders in their communities.