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Fundamentals of historical miniatures gaming – Joan of Arc & The Seige of Orleans, Grades 6 – 9

Fundamentals of historical miniatures gaming – Joan of Arc & The Seige of Orleans, Grades 6 – 9

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Date(s) - Jun/21 - Jun/22
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

New Era Creative Space (NECS)

Date: June 21 – 22 (Thursday and Friday)
Time: 4 – 7 PM
Tuition: $10
Free for Peekskill school district students. 

SUMMER HISTORICAL STRATEGY GAMES TWO-DAY WORKSHOP:  Do you enjoy history, strategy games, and working in teams?  If so, then come join the Summer Strategy Games Two-Day Workshop Program!  

Summer Historical Strategy Games Two-Day Workshop is a program that teaches the fundamentals of historical miniatures gaming.  While examining an historical time period, students will learn about social, economical, and political reasons for conflict and its ramifications.  Students will paint and command 28mm miniatures on three-dimensional landscapes. Dice and rulers are used to resolve conflicts and move distances. Students will reflect on their historical understanding, examine outcomes, and identify better solutions for dealing with these kinds of conflicts.

Reflection Questions Include: What challenges led to the strife?  What benefits or other outcomes, if any, came out of the struggle?  What were the consequences of such turmoil? What are better solutions to these kinds of conflict?


The Hundred Years War was a multi-generational conflict between the English and French powers.  While it had pitched battles in the field, medieval warfare was defined by long and arduous sieges of cities. The English lost their advantage when Joan of Arc, an underdog and woman military leader, led a relief force for French troops under siege by the English in the city of Orleans.  Students will learn historical background information, explore how humans organize themselves during times of struggle, and identify the catalysts and consequences that resulted. Students will reflect upon better solutions and outcomes for dealing with conflict, but overall students will have a whole lot of fun!  

Thursday, June 21st at 4-7pm:  Students will paint 28mm command units, learn historical background information and game rules, and engage in small battle skirmishes.

Friday, June 22nd at 4-7pm:  Students will use their own painted 28mm command unit they make the day before along with other miniatures supplied by us. Students will work in teams for game play with one side commanding Joan of Arc’s relief forces vs. the other group commanding the English army besieging Orleans.  Students will identify the reasons and consequences for conflict and identify better solutions and outcomes.

Questions? email

You may register by filling the online form and paying the registration fee or Mail payment and form to New Era Creative Space, 1016 Brown Street, Peekskill NY 10566.  DOWNLOAD FORM .


Bookings are closed for this event.