Date(s) - Sep/23 - Nov/19
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

New Era Creative Space (NECS)

Ages 8 – 14. 8 classes. Meets Mondays, 4:00 – 6:00 PM.
Sept 23 – Nov 18 (no class Oct 14). Fee for session – $120.  Sibling pays $90.  Get a friend to sign up and pay $110

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Kids ask a lot of questions! Now they can figure out their own answers in a dynamic, collaborative, mixed-age environment.

Would your children like some time and space to think, without any pressure to get the “right” answers?  Sign them up for our Big Questions Club!

Based on the work of Sugata Mitra, winner of this year’s TED award, The Big Questions Club is a “self-organized learning environment”. Children will ask questions, like “how do my eyes know to cry when I’m sad?”, “what is the speed of dark?”, “how do party poppers work?”, or whatever they would like to learn about. Through collaboration, research and encouragement, using the internet, they will uncover answers, which may or may not be what they expect to find. At the end of each session they will share what they have figured out with each other. No right answers, no grades. Just curiosity, collaboration, and fun.

Check out Sugata Mitra’s TED talk on the subject, or check out his guide for educators to learn more.


Taught By Elizabeth Nolf

Liz_Nolf  Liz Nolf  | Homeschooler, music educator

Liz Nolf is a local homeschooler and music educator with over seven years of experience teaching music to children of all ages and abilities. Her own children are 11 and 12 years old, and have taught her much about child development, motivation, and perspective.  She has taught in camps and private settings, as well as in schools. Her greatest love is helping children experience the joy of learning and discovering. She holds a Bachelor’s degree. Liz also has experience with special needs children, and taught preschool for four years.


8 Classes. Cost: $120. Meets Mondays at 4:00 pm. $20 Non Refundable Registration Fee required to save your space.