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Deirdra Jen Brown

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Deirdra Jen Bown

Deirdra “Jen” Brown is an attorney in private practice in Poughkeepsie New York where she lives with her husband (John).
Brown received a bachelor’s degree in American History from Dartmouth College in 1986, a law degree from the University of Chicago School of Law in 1990, and completed a certification in Diversity Equity and Inclusion from the University of Southern Florida in 2021.
She is a passionate advocate for fairness in the American Workplace. Ninety percent of her law practice is dedicated to representing people who have experienced discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age or disability.
Brown has significant experience in the criminal justice field having served four years as a Federal Prosecutor in the Northern District of Alabama, and five years as a Federal Public Defender in Washington, D.C. and Tennessee.
Brown is a member of the Baha’i faith. In August of 2014, she and several Baha’i friends founded a group entitled the Race Unity Circle following the events resulting in the death of Michael Brown, an African American youth killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
The Race Unity Circle hosts a community-wide conversation about institutional racism and pathways to healing. We meet once a month. Each meeting creates space for a diverse group of community members to courageously and genuinely consult and learn about our shared, racialized history. Members participate in exercises and engage in collective, in-depth investigations of historic events that have left a modern legacy of entrenched racial inequities. Both the process and the newly acquired information serve to increase the capacity of participants to challenge mainstream narratives about race, and build relationships across race lines.