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Lindsay Burguess


Lindsay Burguess

Lindsay is a Peekskill High School graduate (Class of 2009) and Pace University alumni, receiving her degree in Communications, Arts & Journalism in 2015. She spent over 5 years working in marketing and 2 years in sales before starting her business and eventually, working with NECS in October 2022.
She is the CEO and founder of Luminocity Consulting LLC. She started her business during the pandemic on unemployment. After hiring her first business coach, she struggled with only $10 to her name for one whole week. After almost two months of diligently posting content on Instagram, she worked with her first three clients, who reached out in the DMs since she didn’t have a website yet.
Lindsay’s business has since grown, along with her community. She started with 624 people and expanded to more than 12,000 people. She currently runs a program called Consistent Clients on Instagram (course & group coaching program). She teaches coaches, consultants and service-based businesses how to get clients in less than 60 days, using tested, proven strategies.
Her video reviews and direct messages from clients speak for themselves. She is passionate about helping people get to the next level, as her motto is “impact over income and service over sales.” In her 2021 Giveaway, she gave over $5,000 away in cash and free coaching sessions. Her heart to give back to the community is her ultimate motivation.