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Advisory Board

Carmita Abrigo


Carmita Abrigo

Carmita Abrigo joins our board because of her passion for the arts, creativity and providing youth the opportunities to explore all of the arts. Carmita understands that through the arts all children and adults can visualize what they are truly capable of and that is why she is committed to organizations like NECS.
Carmita started volunteering in grade school, and then working for the Pacific Arts Center as an arts program manager full time through college and won the Sterling Munro Public Service award her senior year as she worked with professional artists and the local community providing arts programming to all sectors of the community but focused in on the low-income at-risk communities in Seattle, WA. She continues her volunteer work through the Girl Scouts of America as a delegate and completed her MBA in 2006. She has over 8 years of non-profit management experience and brings over 20 years of territory management experience to NECS. She continues to work in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Senior Sales Representative and a Regional Sales Manager focusing in Dermatology and Facial Aesthetics. Carmita Abrigo’s primary focus for NECS is writing grants and fundraising.