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Our News

Our News

Summer Adventures at NECS!

Summer has been an exhilarating journey at NECS, filled with exciting adventures, profound connections, and a heartwarming celebration of our 10th anniversary. We’re thrilled to share our summer highlights with you!

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Cyrano De Burger Shack

Our new performance is coming up!
Cyrano de Burger Shack, an updated, modern-day version of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac features hit contemporary pop songs.

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NECS Summer 2022

From the Hudson Valley to the Smiling Coast of Africa. This summer has been incredible. A summer filled with travel, friendship, art, nature & spirituality.

Take a look to our amazing journey!

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2021 Impact Report

Thank you to the parents, teachers, donors, foundations, and community partners that continue to invest in the growth and development of NECS alongside our youth.

Thank you to the children that participate in our programs, joyfully daring to challenge themselves and realize their promises.It is an honour to share our impact report.

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