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Creative Team

Karen D.

PEOPLe & cultural manager


Karen D. Faulkner heads up our People and Culture/Human Resources Department. Although Karen is new to the NECS administration, she has been involved with NECS for the past five years leading youth wellness programs. Karen has been a Peekskill resident for over 20 years and has been active in the community as a mother of 2 children who attended the Peekskill Schools and by introducing the proven benefits of yoga and mindfulness to the children, adults, and seniors of her community. Karen has been instrumental in creating and writing curriculum for after-school enrichment programs, Saturday Academy, developing programs with Peekskill Parks and Recreation, and creating opportunities to share yoga for people with disabilities. Karen is the founder and CEO of Inner Being LLC since 2018 and has been active in her community by leading free group classes to share her passion for wellness and the belief that yoga is for everyone. During the pandemic, Karen was recognized by the Peekskill city council for her contribution to the community’s well-being.

Karen brings this solid social awareness for people and a 25-year career as the CEO of Practice Management Expertise LLC, her healthcare consulting company, to nationwide dental practices. She has managed and contributed to the success of many health organizations through her organizational, communication, advising, coaching, training development, leadership, management skills, and strong business acumen. The systems and protocols customized to the organization focus on teamwork, employee development, and growth, which are all paramount to the success of her clients.

Karen has exited the healthcare consulting and dental management field after 25 successful years, moving on now as head of the newly created People and Culture/HR department. Karen looks forward to contributing to the continuing community success of NECS by building on that foundation using her skills and knowledge, which recognizes diversity and values inclusion for all members of our community.