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Youth Theater Ensemble

In this acting workshop students will work together to create their own 10 minute one acts using dialogue prompts, improv, and their own imaginations.

Intro to Digital Art – Mini Classes

Learn the basics of working in layers to make digital art. Sign up for one or two or all of these mini lessons to get a guided tour of the drawing software Procreate using a stylus on the iPad.

Music Production for Beginners

Participants will learn to create music from scratch and develop their music-making skills. They’ll engage in fun beat challenges and explore various genres to strengthen their abilities.

Creative Writing – Words & Worlds

Embark on an exciting journey of creative expression in our writing and poetry workshop. Unleash your voice, refine your skills, and build a catalog of poetic gems. Join the program participants lovingly call “the workshop you didn’t know you needed.” Dive into the art of literature with us!

Youth Chorus

Revitalize your youth chorus experience with NECS! Our exceptional program breaks boundaries, nurturing creativity and growth. Immerse in original and popular music arrangements, explore body beats, and perfect harmonies for an imaginative and resourceful journey!

Afrobeats Dance

AfroFusion Dance is a unique blend of traditional and modern day African derived movement. Students will learn popular Afrobeats moves and classic West African steps from dances like Kuku, Manjani, and Sunu.

Youth Theater Ensemble [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Program dedicated to inspire children and youth to become social agents by engaging with the magic of theatre. We maintain a commitment to develop in each child a keen sense of moral leadership alongside their artistic achievements. Look forward our show coming up in February 2024!