West African Dance Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of West African Dance with live drumming. This is an excellent opportunity for community members to gather, dance, and get to know one another. Great exercise too!

Dunbar Heights – Afterschool Enrichment

Dunbar Heights – Afterschool Enrichment - New Era Creative Space Program

After-school enrichment to support children’s physical, creative and academic needs for children ages 7 – 12. Arts and Crafts, Stories, dance, and homework help. Snacks and Dinner will be provided.

Juneteenth Performing Arts Workshop

Juneteenth Performing Arts Workshop - New Era Creative Space Program- Peekskill NY

Join us for this 9-week workshop where the past inspires participants to create works of song, dance, spoken word, and drama that celebrate a future of inclusivity.

EmpowerED: Girls Club

Empowered Girls Club - New Era Creative Space Program- Peekskill NY

This youth-led program, focusing on healthy self-esteem and moral leadership, provides a safe space for young girls to learn about issues of concern to girls, explore inspiring literature, and creative expression through the arts.