Theater by Me

During this 10-week workshop, students will be creative and make dialogue prompts and improv to create an act.

Community Choir (Youth & Young Adults)

Trusting one’s own voice to sing out loud, understanding the power of words through song, encouraging expressing oneself with words from the soul. Understanding teamwork.

EmpowerED: Boys Club – High School

We will provide a safe space for young men to come together and learn about issues of concern to boys through social interaction, topic discussions, field trips, and fitness.

Afrobeats Dance

AfroFusion Dance is a unique blend of traditional and modern day African derived movement. Students will learn popular Afrobeats moves and classic West African steps from dances like Kuku, Manjani, and Sunu.


Students will acquire real world technical skills collaborating on a film crew and will be able to continue to develop their craft to have an internship, or create their own stories and get them seen in the world.

Empower ED: Girls Club – Highschool

This youth-led program, focusing on healthy self-esteem and moral leadership, provides a safe space for young girls to learn about issues of concern to girls, explore inspiring literature, and creative expression through the arts.