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Thankful For Your Support

Dear Friends,

Thank you all who contributed to our fund drive in 2017. We managed to raise approximate $12,000 towards programming at NECS and we have a few pledges to be bet, so we hope to raise a little more.

This year, NECS is transitioning to a non profit 501(c)3 organization. We are hard at work figuring our our mission, vision and the direction we would like to take. We are very clear on the fact that we would like to focus our attention on those individuals that are most marginalized and find ways to support families to give their children and youth the best hope for a better tomorrow.

We are reaching out to community members and like minded organizations to find out how we can collaborate in order to collectively make the most impact in our community.

We will continue to need you help in any way you can be helpful. We need financial as well as human resources and hope that if you are reading this, you will choose to join us in making this community a better place.

In Harmony,

Ridvan Foxhall

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