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Goodbye 1016 Brown Street WE MOVED!

It is the end of an era for New Era Creative Space. We’ve packed up and will no longer be operating out of 1016 Brown Street, Peekskill.

It’s a bitter sweet moment as I sit here in an empty room remembering the thousands of people, mostly youth that have come through our doors. Eight years ago in August, we took an empty space and filled it with creative initiatives, with purpose, joy, love, and laughter. I will miss this place but as our name New Era Creative Space implies, change is written into our DNA. It’s time for a new era for us.

We are reinventing ourselves. Over the past year, we’ve spent time getting clear about our mission and vision. Our mission is to inspire stronger communities through creative programs and what better place to do it but in community spaces. Just this summer alone we’ve served over 300 children in the community.

Peekskill came through for us and offered us spaces to operate out of. We will be offering after school programs at several schools in the Fall. We’ve found homes for our benches at Be First Boxing thanks to owner West Artope. And we are extremely grateful to Brian Fassett and Sepp Spenlinhauer, who have offered to proudly display our iconic mural, designed by Lance Johnson, at the Peekskill Evening Star Building.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished and excited for what’s to come. Thank you to all the people in this community and friends far beyond the borders of Peekskill and worldwide who helped make this beautiful experiment a reality.

Our new office is in The Flatz building, at 1008 Main Street, Peekskill—Suite 305. Come visit! Our contact info will remain the same. Our programs however will be offered wherever we find partners looking for creative and transformational programs.

You know where to find us.

The Early Days 2013

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