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Workshop on Recognizing Systemic Racism

Collaboration in action!

Today our young men form our local MBK and Black Diamonds group were privileged to participate in a workshop on recognizing systemic racism with Actor/activist Russell Jones, founder of Blindspot.

Russell is the founder of Blind Spot, which curates a content-rich environment to practice discourse on race. The salons are a series of facilitated discussions where videos spark small-and large-group conversations that lead participants to build new skills and strategies to confront systemic racism and implicit bias. Through these discussions, participants learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings about race, recognize systems and ideologies that contribute to racism and analyze their own actions as contributing to or working against systemic oppression. 

Russell was accompanied by Gregory Whiting a diversity and inclusion strategist for Blockchain Ecosystem.  Gregory is passionate about using technology for improving the lives of people. Blockchain technology field works to increase interpersonal agency in a rapidly evolving technological ecosystem.

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