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Happy New Year – 2023!

Dear NECS Community,

Reflecting on New Era Creative Space’s growth experienced in 2022, we are profoundly grateful for our students, families, artists, partners, staff, and volunteers.

We started 2022, uncertain of where it would lead us and full of hope. We continued strengthening our partnerships. We forged new partnerships, including the Peekskill Housing Authority, to provide programs at Dunbar Heights. Our programs in the community continued to grow and develop as we returned from the pandemic and learned new ways to serve the community. We successfully traveled with nine students on a service and cultural immersion trip to the Gambia, West Africa.

Our partnership with SONY resulted in a striking and heartfelt short film about NECS, and students got to participate in an event in NYC hosted by SONY.  

This year, NECS stood at a crossroads, and with generous support from our donating partners and numerous individuals, we stepped boldly into significant expansion. We nurtured and strengthened relationships that allowed us to expand our staff. We brought on an artist in residence and grew our administrative, program, and development personnel. Our virtual benefit raised an unprecedented $50,000, which was generously matched. 

We are now better equipped to serve the community’s children and youth, our most precious treasure. We look forward with great hope as we enter our 10th year, offering creative programs that empower young people to explore their innate capabilities. We are proud of what we have achieved and excited about our outlook for an equally promising future.

Thank you all for an incredible year, and wishing you a Happy New Year!

With love and appreciation,

NECS Board and Creative Team

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